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Foundations of unforgettable education: INTEGRATIVE DESIGN PROCESS

While most universities categorize topics according to specific departments/faculties (like finance and marketing) resulting in modules and content with very limited dialogue and integration between departments and topics, Transcontinental uses an Integrative Design Process focused on the interconnectedness of topics at the core of our unique offering, tailored to meet the increasing complexities of globalization. Our integrative design integrates business topics between modules so that connection between content is clear.  Furthermore, three concepts are integrated throughout the learning journey in our courses:

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. Technology, and
  3. Emotional Intelligence

Within our graduate programs, these three foundational concepts of your development are integrated throughout the entire course. You will learn to have intellectual discussions about complex subjects like emotional intelligence in our programs, while also learning to create systemic development processes on complex areas for yourself, as well as for your organization, your community and your country. Our unforgettable education empowers you to be that unforgettable leader/scholar needed in your organization.


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