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Prof. Thomas Grisham -Chief of Creativity

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Dr. Thomas Grisham has over 44 years of practical experience across a variety of business sectors including medical, infrastructure, transportation, commercial, communications, finance, consulting, utilities, manufacturing, and business development.  He has gained this experience and expertise in 77 countries, with expat assignments in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong, and has experience with over 400 companies globally.  He does corporate training for global organizations such as Nestle, Citi Bank, General Motors, and many others in over 20 countries.  Previously Dr. Grisham taught at universities in the US, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.  Currently he mentors Doctoral students for SMC University in Switzerland, is a visiting professor for Nordakademie in Germany and CETYS in Mexico, and does public speaking on a variety of topics in a number of countries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Global business
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management


  • Doctor of Project Management, RMIT University, Australia
  • Master of Business Administration, Duke University, USA
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Professional Engineer in the USA
  • Trained Arbitrator

Key Publications & Presentations


  • Grisham, T. and P. Srinivasan (2008). Managing Designing Risk. Perspectives on Architectural Management. S. Emmitt, M. Prins and A. den Otter. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Grisham, T. and D. H. T. Walker (2008). Developing Communities of Practice for International Construction Organizations. Chapter on Enhancing Knowledge Management in Construction Organizations, A Practioner Guide.
  • Grisham, T. (2009).  Cross-cultural Leadership XLQ.  VDM Verlag. Germany.  ISBN-10: 3639068688. ISBN-13: 978-3639068689.
  • Grisham, T. (November 2009).  International Project Management – Leadership in Complex Environments.  Wiley.  ISBN 978-0-470-57882-7

Global Engagements

  • Granite Services, a General Electric subsidiary - Multiple global assignments.  Last was to manage a Japanese trading company in Tokyo.
  • Grisham Engineering - Multiple for General Electric, Pinnacle One, and Dogus Insaat ve Ticaret globally.
  • Triangle Consulting Group - Dr. Grisham was a Senior Partner and Co-founder of an international consultancy that provided economic analysis, regional competitive analysis, development planning, marketing research, program management, and specialized technical expert assistance for governments in the EU.
  • University of North Carolina - Dr. Grisham managed an overall capital improvement effort for a state-of-the art program
  • PHEI and BFSU/Solbridge International School of Business - China
  • Woosong University, SolBridge International School of Businesss – Korea
  • Argosy University and University of South Florida USA