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Community Impact

The Challenge of Giving Back

For many organizations, corporate social responsibility is often reactive in nature, an after-thought and separate from the business, consisting of throwing money at a high-profile community issue to create a positive image, and not effective in fully addressing social problems. While funding organizations serving those in need is necessary in our global society and promotes important outcomes, it may can be short term and short lived with companies abandoning organizations that become dependent on them. Giving back to a community using solely monetary donations can often be equated to “giving the community fish”, rather than teaching the community “how to fish”. Transcontinental Institute focuses on corporate social responsibility through empowerment of its community.

Making a Tangible and systemic Impact

Our belief in everything we do rests on the foundations of proactive engagement through empowerment. While our educational programs empower our learners, the engagement with the community is embedded with the educational process. This belief weaves community engagement into the fabric of our educational model, where our learners and globally renowned faculty provide systemic solutions to community issues. We seek to use the power of our people and their collective wisdom to take a more "hands on" direct approach to creating tangible community impacts.  We choose to teach the community "how to fish" to solve their challenges, not just "give them fish". Any organization within the global village can approach us with a challenge they face or vision they would like to achieve, and we at TI will engage them by establishing systemic solutions with quantifiable results.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in making a sustainable impact that addresses the root issues in our communities. Our staff, professors and learners will always seek to provide systemic solutions that empower the community and never creating codependence. We are committed to co-creating tangible impact!

Our Pledge of Innovation

Our team of globally renowned professors, working professional learners and staff are constantly assessing the global marketplace and monitor the latest in innovation concepts and implementation approaches. With any community partnership, we will define innovation strategies with unique and systemic solutions tailored to the current challenges and strategic objectives.

How we Make a tangible and systemic impact

Unlike most organizations, we do not have a Corporate Social Responsibility office. Instead, we integrate our learning processes with the community needs.  It all starts with your request for engagement. After completing the short application, one of our world-renowned professors will contact you to start the innovation process. Depending on the issue at hand, the analysis would take place in as little time as a few weeks. We would then co-create systemic solutions with you. The goal of this engagement is increased knowledge and your worry-free mind so that you would never have to address such issues in the future.

Your Invitation to Engage

If you are a leader within an organization and would like to explore solutions to:

  • Overcome a challenge you face
  • Achieve a vision
  • Create a profound and sustainable impact

Contact us to explore the possibilities. One of our professors will engage your organization with an initial dialogue and begin designing the innovation process to address your needs and desires.

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